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  • Direbo

    • Ages Myst V: End of Ages https://archive.guildofarchivists.org/wiki/Direbo https://www.guildofarchivists.org/uploads/post-882-1130553006.jpg

    Appears In: End of Ages


    Direbo is a peaceful, swampy Age filled with tall stone columns in an eternal evening with a sky similar to that of the Age of Kadish Tolesa. This Age was used for rest and relaxation, so it is no wonder why such books were placed in the various Eder Tomahn in the Great Shaft. [Editor's note: However, their placement in Nexus Terminals is curious]


    Oddly enough, four mysterious "linking bubbles" have been placed on the islands of Direbo, each containing a Slate, and leading to the Ages required for the Quest to free the Tablet. These islands are connected by wooden bridges, each side's gate controlled by a rotating lever holding a firemarble.


    People have been reporting sightings of the famed "Urwins" from the Age of Negilahn in this Age, but this has not yet been confirmed.




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