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  • DRC Press Release: Game Publisher helps the DRC

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    This release was originally posted on the DRC's website, and is no longer accessible. You can find it using the Inernet Archive by clicking here.


    Game Publisher Contributes to Massive Underground Restoration Effort


    San Francisco, CA - November 7, 2003 - Ubisoft, one of the world's largest video game publishers, has announced today its intent to fund the extensive restoration effort of D'ni, an ancient archaeological site recently discovered in New Mexico. Though unknown to many, the D'ni civilization existed for thousands of years beneath the surface of the Earth and was the impetus and historical foundation for the popular CD-ROM games Myst and Riven created by Cyan Worlds, Inc.


    "As the publisher of the Myst series, we felt it was imperative to contribute to the effort to restore and preserve this culturally significant site. D'ni made a huge impact on those who have experienced its wondrous beauty through the games that honor its story," said Gilles Langourieux, General Manager of ubi.com worldwide. "This restoration is both a smart investment in the Myst franchise and provides our customers with a place to visit that is unlike anything they have ever seen."


    Since 1997, the restoration of D'ni has been led by the D'ni Restoration Council (DRC) thanks in large part to its generous benefactor Elias Zandi. While portions of the underground city and Books of D'ni have already been made available to certain visitors, the DRC plans to open the city and allow many explorers before year


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