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  • Eder Tomahn


    Appears In: BoA, Uru: Complete Chronicles, EoA

    Location: D'ni


    An Eder Tomahn is, literally, a "rest house." There are numerous examples of these dotting the path from D'ni to the Surface. Most were located beside "nodes" in the path, enabling expeditioners to rest along the three day journey, but there were also several in the Great Shaft. Despite the Great Zero being uncalibrated, one of these rest houses, one which contains Dr. Watson's private journal, is still accessible to current explorers, through the use if bahro stone.


    Several more of these rest houses can be seen in End of Ages. There is one at the top of the Shaft, another near the middle, and one just above its base. All appear to have somewhat small beds carved from the walls of the room, and each contains a KI dispenser and a Nexus Pedistal, though in End of Ages the Nexus Books have been replaced with links to Direbo.


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