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  • Er'Cana


    Appears In: Uru: Complete Chronicles

    Written By: Unknown


    Er'Cana is a large harvest Age with a large cerulean sea and snow covered mountains. It is composed of sand, which serves as its soil, and large cliffs, through which open tunnels have been hollowed out to serve as passages to the main industrial buildings. Transportation on Er'Cana seems to have been through trams that ran on large tracks throughout the Age. Most of the Age is inaccessible, as a fissure has opened up under the main track.


    The main purpose of Er'Cana seems to have been the production of pellets rich in nutrients. When dropped in water containing the algae found in the D'ni cavern, the algae would respond to the extra nutrients, producing extra light. Former Guildmaster Kadish used the pellets to solidify his claims to be the prophesied 'Grower' who would bring light to the caverns. It is important to note that much of the pellet-making machinery was designed by Kadish. To test pellets, a special area in the D'ni cavern was set aside in the Uran industrial area. In the 'silo', a small, walled-in pool served as a testing area.


    Today, the machinery in Er'Cana is still workable, and the power to the age can still be turned on. The only change to the Age after the Fall of D'ni seems to have been the addition of a carved fissure filled with stars in a small rock alcove off the main path. When touched, it serves to link a person to a Bahro cave.


    During a Town Hall meeting on July 6, 2006, Dr. Kodama of the DRC noted that he hoped Er'cana's resources would be useful in future efforts to restore the Cavern's lake water to a more normal light level and activity cycle. The Age progressed to Phase Five and its "prioritization list" was approved on January 22, 2007. The Age was finally released by the DRC on June 26, 2007 as part of an explorer-driven project to restore the D'ni lake to its former 30-hour "daylight" cycle. However, by the time the DRC closed the Cavern again in April of 2008, no visible progress had been made on this project. While this is hardly surprising given the size of the D'ni lake, it was nonetheless disappointing to those who participated in the effort.


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