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  • Everdunes

    • Ages Myst realMYST https://archive.guildofarchivists.org/wiki/Everdunes



    Appears In: Myst (referenced in the Channelwood Journal)

    Written By: Atrus


    The Age of Everdunes is, as implied by the name, a very desolate Age. Atrus describes it as having a very high surface temperature and no surface water, yet there is still a great deal of plant and animal life on the Age, mostly underground, beneath the sand dunes. Atrus also mentioned how amazed he is at their existance, as he didn't write them specifically into the Age.


    Everdunes is clearly an Age which Atrus cared a geat deal for, based on his remaining writings. It was home to a civilization led by a woman named Pran.


    There is mention of another group of inhabitants on this Age, known as the Chochtic, though nothing is known about them besides the fact that they were a serious threat to Pran and her people.


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