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  • Fissure Telescope


    Appears In: Riven, Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live

    Location: Temple Island (Riven), The Cleft (Uru)


    After the Star Fissure on Riven was sealed, Gehn had a telescope installed atop it, through which he would attempt to discern the fate of the natives he threw into it. According to Catherine, his low-powered optics were unable to give him any indication as to where the helpless victims ended up-nor how he was able to keep the Age from collapsing when natives were thrown.


    The telescope was used by the Stranger, on instructions from Catherine, to break the seal on the Fissure and signal Atrus, allowing him to link in and take Catherine home with him.


    The telescope can now be found half-buried in the New Mexico desert, a short distance from the Cleft.


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