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  • Gahreesen


    Appears In: Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live

    Written By: Unknown


    Gahreesen was an Age owned by the Guild of Maintainers. It was established in 8500 DE, and was controlled by a highly trained division of the Guild that was responsible for advances in technology. This was a group with very strict requirements for the security of their operations, and the construction of the Age and its buildings reflect this. The buildings in Gahreesen were set up to be constantly rotating, which allowed no Linking Books to be written from within the complex. It also meant that any Books which linked to the Age needed to be on special timers so that the person linking in would find themselves where they expected to, and not in another room or even inside a wall.


    Gahreesen is an amalgam of three D'ni words, according to this post by RAWA on the Myst Online forums. Broken down, it combines the words "gah-ro" (great/mighty), "ah-ree-uh" (to protect), and "sen-ah-ren" (building/structure). Thus, the Age's name is, quite literally, "mighty building for protection". RAWA more aptly translates the phrase to "Fortress" but admits that the DRC's choice of the word "Garrison" (by which the Age is sometimes referred to) is understandable and still fairly appropriate.


    The first building, referred to as The Well, was used originally for KI development and distribution to Guild members, though by the time of the Fall, it had been partially converted for public access when the KIs became a more widespread device. At that time, it was used much as the DRC use it now: for the distribution of KIs to everyone, while the other areas of the building remain off limits. The D'ni re-inforced the KI's built-in security settings with guards and Linking Book detecting beetles. This building is rotated through the clever use of waterfalls to propel the massive structure, and powered by a massive gear that locks into grooves in the outer wall.


    The second building, known as the Training Center, was used as a training facility for new Maintainers, through the use of a device called The Wall. Additionally, the upper levels of the building were used as a prison, and prisoners were stored in cells using a complex timer tied to a Linking Book to ensure they went to the proper location. It is interesting to note that the Bahro Stone linking to the Gahreesen Prison level does not have such a limitation. The Training Center's lower levels are only accessible by jumping from the Well to a small spire of rock, and then jumping from there to another long bridge leading into the Training Center. While this was developed as a rather simple security measure, 200+ years of erosion since the Fall of D'ni has resulted in the jump being rather more perilous now than it used to be.


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