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    Appears In: Myst, Riven, M3E, M4R, EoA, Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live, BoA, BoT, BoD


    The Gateway Image (also referred to as the Linking Panel or Descriptive Panel) is the part of the book that shows an image of the Age being linked to. It can be located anywhere in the Book, and while most Linking Books have the Gateway Image in the front for quick and easy access, records point to panels located at the back of the Book (presumably to allow the Book to be read before the Age is seen) or even somewhere in the middle (to allow the Book to lay open on its own). The image itself can be stationary, continually animated to take sweeping vistas of the Age, or centered around the point where you will Link in. Before the Book is written, the image is blank. During the Writing process and before the first link it depicts static, and the image only shows up after the first Link. It has been postulated that the animation of the Gateway Image is determined by the writer, because there are so many different animation styles for it. It has also been determined that being able to hear current activity in the Age is artistic license; it cannot be done with real Books. There is currently some debate over whether or not a Gateway Image depicts the Age in real time or whether it depicts a static rendering of it as it was the last time it was used. If the Age is unstable, a page is removed, or if it collapses due to instabilities in the Writing, the panel may have trouble adjusting, and become blurry or static-filled.

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