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  • Great Tree Pub


    Appears In: Uru: Complete Chronicles

    Location: Ae'Gura


    The Great Tree Pub (also referred to as The Watcher's Sanctuary) is the home of a tree-like structure referred to as the Great Tree of D'ni, and is located in the J'Taeri District of Ae'Gura. Although the Tree dated back to the early 2000s DE, the pub itself was not built until much later, in the late 4000s. It was constructed to honor The Watcher, who had recently published a collection of prophecies in a book which he called Words. Its purpose seems to have been something of an upper-class lounge or sitting room, with the Tree as its focus, where intellectuals of the day could come and discuss their thoughts on philosophy, politics, etc.


    The Pub remained successful through many changes of ownership in the following millennia, finally coming into the hands of Kadish, an ex-Guild Master of the Writer's Guild, prior to the Fall. Kadish renovated the Pub by adding a spiral maze - the "path of the shell" - that limited access to the Great Tree to those who could properly interpret the Watcher's prophesies. No one other than Kadish was ever able to solve the maze, as it was a deceit intended to convince others that Kadish himself was The Grower, or savior, foretold in Words. He also used the Pub to showcase his Age of Ahnonay, which Kadish claimed to have Written as a demonstration of his abilities to travel through time, another sign of The Grower according to Words.


    The Great Tree Pub is sealed off, preventing access from the outside, and can be reached only by linking Book, though it is not known whether the sealing took place immediately following construction of the Pub, or after it fell into the ownership of Kadish.


    The Pub was originally investigated by DRC Restoration Engineer Michael Simpson in late 2002 and early 2003. It was assigned to Douglas Sharper for restoration on October 30, 2003, but was removed from his control by DRC Chairman Richard Watson on December 22, 2003, apparently as punishment for a major violation of DRC regulations.


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