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  • Great Zero Marker


    Appears In: Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live

    Location: D'ni


    The Great Zero Marker (GZM) system was used to calibrate the Great Zero (among other things). According to the DRC, there are several types of Markers, but at present, the only kind we have seen are the standard Markers and the Calibration Markers. As additional Marker types are uncovered, they will be added to this article.


    Great Zero Markers

    GZMs are invisible to all those who have no KI, or who have not properly upgraded their KI to receive Marker information. These Markers are also invisible unless they detect a properly-calibrated KI within 15 feet of their location, and will emit a quiet pulsing tone to aid in their discovery. Collection of these Markers aids in calibrating the Great Zero machinery.


    There are two sets of "missions" for these Markers: a "red" mission, and a "green" mission. Both of these missions require the individual to "collect" 15 GZMs and upload them to one of the two Great Zero Marker Dispensers. Upon completion of the "red" mission, a link to the Great Zero Courtyard is added to the person's Nexus list. Completion of the "green" mission enables the individual to access the Great Zero Calibration Chamber, and the Calibration Missions contained within.


    Calibration Great Zero Markers

    Calibration Markers (or CGZMs) are similar in appearance to the GZMs, but unlike the normal GZMs, are visible from any distance by anyone with a properly calibrated KI running the selected "marker mission." CGZMs are obtained by visiting the Great Zero Calibration Chamber and selecting one of the fourteen "Marker Missions" listed in the viewers. These missions range in size from 7 to 25 Markers and, like the GZMs, all Markers are located within the explorable area of Ae'Gura and the Neighborhoods beyond.


    CGZMs can also be generated by explorers in [article title=Marker Games]Marker Games[/article], and unlike the Great Zero's CGZM missions, explorer-created Marker Games can exist in any Age, and Marker Quest Games can span multiple Ages.


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