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  • Great Zero Neutrino Dispenser


    Appears In: Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live

    Location: Ae'Gura


    [h=1]Neutrino Dispenser[/h]

    This huge device is the center of the Great Zero and is used as a reference point for measuring distances throughout D'ni. It is currently uncalibrated and must be activated by means of a series of markers set up throughout the cavern. These markers' locations are stored in the KI, a small hand-held device that was designed to work in tandem with the Great Zero's measuring system. The coordinates of these markers are used to calibrate the Great Zero, after which it can be used to measure distances via the Neutrino Dispenser.


    The Dispenser appears to rely on water and a strange type of D'ni crystal to generate its beam. The water pours from the ceiling of the cavern, down through a series of channels, and to a pool at the base of the magnetically suspended Dispenser. The Dispenser itself is built around a huge crystal, and is surrounded by many smaller ones located along the outer wall of the Great Zero Courtyard. The device cannot properly function, however, until the proper data are uploaded to calibrate it with the rest of the cavern so that it can accurately measure distances.


    While the Great Zero appears to have been initially calibrated during the events following the DRC's abandonment of the restoration effort in 2003, it appears to have once again fallen out of alignment in the intervening years. With the DRC's return to the Cavern, however, some rudimentary systems have begun working despite the Great Zero's incomplete calibration process, including the KI-PS system in the Cavern, and the ability to create Quest Marker Games. On Sunday, June 24, 2007, Victor Laxman officially activated the Great Zero machinery, marking the first time during the restoration that the Great Zero was fully operational.


    [h=1]Important KI-PS Coordinates[/h]


    Ferry Terminal:

    154, 75, -93 (Link-In Spot)



    1384, 82, -93 (Door)


    Kahlo Pub:

    1288, 61, -86 (Door)



    3, 53, -80 (Top of the great stairs)


    Tokotah Alley:

    1970, 57, -82 (Link-In Spot)


    Tokotah Rooftop:

    624, 55, -77 (Link-In Spot)



    2927, 44, -80 (Door)


    Palace Alcove:

    59310, 43, -76 (Link-In Spot)


    Hall of Kings:

    59014, 43, -76 ([Palace Alcove] Door)



    61513, 59, -82 (Link-In Spot)


    Concert Hall Foyer:

    59875, 78, -79 (Link-In Spot)


    Library Courtyard:

    56559, 96, -78 (Link-In Spot)



    56925, 101, -79 ([Lower] Door)


    Kadish Gallery:

    61071, 73, -84 (Link-In Spot)


    Sharper's Office:

    37060, 27, -39 (Link-In Spot)


    The Watcher's Sanctuary:

    18270, 22, -48 (Link-In Spot)





    60265, 999, -71 (Link-In Spot)



    60040, 1036, -103 (Link-In Spot)



    [h=2]Uran District[/h]


    1913, 1562, -164 (Link-In Spot)



    [h=2]Main Cavern[/h]


    1498, 811, -72 (Link-In Spot)


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