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  • Greeter's Guild Pub




    Date first accessed by explorers: 9 September, 2007, 9:10 am


    Released by: DRC


    Physical location: Unknown. It is assumed that these pubs are located in the Cavern, but the KI shows no coordinates.




    Each Guild Pub is basically the same in physical construction. They all appear to be a round room, with curtained off alcoves, and a balcony that goes around the entire second floor. These pubs closely match the Watcher's Sanctuary with a few exceptions:


    None of the alcoves in the Guild pubs are open.

    Colors and lighting seem to be different.


    The Greeter's Guild Pub


    The Greeter's Guild Pub has the color theme that is the same as their T-Shirts: Green. You will find green in many places in this pub. The pub is lit with rectangular lanterns that give off a blue-white hue.




    The Greeter's Guild Symbol




    You can find the Guild symbol of the Greeters adorning the walls and structures, that of one hand clasping another.


    Linking to the Guild Of Greeter's Pub


    As with each of the Guild Pubs, in order to link to the Guild specific pub, one must have the T-Shirt of that Guild within their wardrobe back at their Relto. It is not necessary to actually wear the T-Shirt to gain access, only to have it in your wardrobe. Upon obtaining the Greeter's T-Shirt, you can then find the link to the Greeter's Guild Pub by linking to the Nexus, where you will find it listed under "City Links"


    There are NO linking books in the pubs themselves, so make sure that you bring your Relto Book, or some other linking book, as there are no physical exits or entrances to the Pubs.


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