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    The Guild Hall is located in the [article=D'ni civilization|D'ni] capital city on the island of [article=Ae'Gura], in the oldest part of the town. While there were several Guild Halls constructed throughout D'ni history, the current one was built in [article=6970 DE], atop the [article=Temple of the Great King|Tomb of the Great King]. When it was finished, it completely covered the older structure.



    The Guild Hall is a massive, cylindrical structure with six wings that sprout from the center approximately one-third of the way from the ground. It is capped by a large room, which served as the council chambers, where the Guild Council would deliberate on matters of state. These chambers were also circular, with 18 columns supporting the roof, from which hung the crests and colors of each of the 18 major Guilds. Stairs, which doubled as seats, led down into the center of the room, where five stone thrones sat, reserved for the five Great Lords of D'ni.




    The [article=D'ni Restoration Council|DRC] considered the Guild Hall to be highly unsafe, and the area has not yet been opened to explorers visiting D'ni. This belief was borne out when a research assistant, [article=Phil Henderson], was nearly killed in a collapse on [article=December 26], [article=2003 CE].


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