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  • Hall of Kings


    Appears In: Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live

    Location: Ae'Gura


    The Hall of Kings is located adjacent to the D'ni Palace in lower Ae'Gura. It is a large, circular room with one column for every King of D'ni, listed in the order of their reign from Ri'Neref through Kerath. The floor of the chamber is inlayed with a stylistic mosaic of the Great Tree of Possibility.


    Following the DRC's departure from the Cavern, a large number of journals detailing the reigns of the Kings were left behind in this room, providing any explorer with spare time a great deal of information to read. These journals were at one point removed, but are now back where they originally were. Unfortunately, the journals which the DRC had moved from here to the Tokotah rooftop are still missing from the rooftop.



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