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  • Journey Cloth


    Appear In: Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live

    Location: Eder Kemo, Eder Gira, Gahreesen, Kadish Tolesa, Teledahn


    The Journey Cloths ware used by Yeesha to guide the "called" to D'ni and teach them of its clouded past. As a part of their first journey, she laid out these mystical, apparently indestructible tapestries in the Ages of Kadish Tolesa, Teledahn, Gahreesen, and the Eder sister ages (Kemo and Gira). The explorer had to find seven journey cloths in each Age, in order to gain entrance to the Bahro Cave, where pre-recorded messages would play, telling the explorer of D'ni. The ultimate goal of collecting the Journeys was to enable the explorer to collect four pillars and then transfer them to a second, identical Bahro Cave, which was in the Rudenna Cavern (a sub-Cavern of D'ni).


    The cloths also function as a bookmark, appearing in the Linking Book of that Age, creating a separate link to the last Journey Cloth touched.


    It is notable that the Journey Cloths, like the Bahro Stones, are able to connect to a link-in spot in ways that surpass the capabilities of the D'ni Linking Books. For example, even though the buildings in Gahreesen rotate (a feature used to prevent people from linking into certain areas), using a Bahro Stone or Journey Cloth will always take the user to the same area in the rotating fortress. [article title=Shell Cloth]Shell Cloths[/article] do not have this attribute.


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