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  • K'veer


    Appears In: Myst, Riven, BoA, BoT, BoD, Uru: Complete Chronicles, EoA, Uru Live

    Location: D'ni


    This was a mansion located on an island in the lake of the main D'ni Cavern. It looks something like an off centered corkscrew, spiraling up several stories. In the last days of D'ni, Veovis and his father lived there, this mansion having been a family possession for years. During D'ni's last days, K'veer became a center of activities for Veovis and A'Gaeris as they planned D'ni's fall. It also served as Gehn's headquarters while he lived in D'ni. Atrus was trapped by Gehn in the basement of K'veer, and that is where Atrus' unknown benefactor found him writing in the Riven book years later.


    Over 200 years after the events of Myst and Riven, K'veer was once again used by a member of Atrus' family. Yeesha brought explorers taking the Path of the Shell to the island on the final step of that journey, and several years later, in 2005, the island was used by Yeesha and the Bahro as the home of the Keep, a strange construct of the Bahro which held the Tablet, an object which the D'ni presumably used to enslave them.


    K'veer was made available to the explorers again in 2007 as part of the rewards for the completion of Ahnonay and Ercana, but modified as a near replica of the corridor and chamber from Myst V. Yeesha made a [article id=886]speech[/article] here to the explorers several days after making it accessible.


    A nexus terminal sits in the wall opposite the stain glass window, and a linking book to Myst is on a pedestal in the center of the on top of Ri'Neref's mosaic-which its hair paint color has notably become gray-where it should have been on a stone table in Riven and Myst at which Atrus was trapped by his father and later his sons. In Path of the Shell, Atrus left his old tunic behind, along with a letter from his daughter, Yeesha and the Clover Relto page, the latter of which has been moved to Negilahn.




    The large stained glass window in the main room overlooks the cavern lake.

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