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  • Kadish Gallery


    Appears In: Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live

    Location: Ae'Gura


    The Kadish Gallery was a shop bought by Guildmaster Kadish after his dismissal from the Guild of Writers. It is filled with many beautiful stained glass pieces, some of which contain clues to the puzzles in Kadish Tolesa. Some of the pieces in the gallery are by outsider (that is, non-D'ni) artists.


    The Kadish Gallery was designated City Interior 0080 by the DRC when they started the restoration. It was cleaned up by the DRC so that explorers could view the pieces better.


    The Kadish Gallery was under Phase 5 of its restoration when the cavern was closed in early 2004. However, as the room was accessible from Kadish Tolesa, and explorers had gained access to the room through Yeesha, explorers have been able to come and go within the room as they please since early 2003.


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