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  • Kadish Tolesa


    Written By: Guild Master Kadish

    Appears In: Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live


    Kadish Tolesa is a huge Age covered in incredibly tall trees. Most of the Age is suspended hundreds of feet in the air on a sort of plateau which falls away to reveal a breathtaking cloudscape. Purple is a very dominant color, along with the blue found in the stone of the rounded, crumbling architecture and the yellow-orange of the firemarble lamps.


    This Age belonged to and was Written by Guild Master Kadish before the Fall of D'ni (the DRC guess that it was Written in the mid 9390's DE). It served as an intricate and complicated combination lock for a vault which housed indescribable numbers of precious items and riches. Guild Master Kadish himself can be found in the vault, having long since perished. A note beside him speaks of his dedication to his treasures and that he would (and ultimately did) rather die with them than return to D'ni.


    The architecture of the Age is in such a decrepit state because, according to designer Stephen Martiniere, Kadish was a fairly incompetent Writer, and the trees in the Age were growing at an abnormally high rate, enveloping and overtaking the architecture in the process.


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