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  • Kadish's Vault


    Appears In: Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live

    Location: Kadish Tolesa


    Guildmaster Kadish built (or at least designed) this Vault to hide his inheritance, and locked it with many puzzles, all of which have clues in the Kadish Gallery. The first four puzzles merely block access to the massive chamber in which the Vault is located; the last puzzle unlocks the Vault itself, revealing a massive collection of gold, tapestries, and other valuables belonging to the former Guild Master, as well as the remains of Kadish himself.


    Kadish followed the teachings of King Naygen, who said that all good citizens should cling to their fortunes, preserving them for future generations. At the time of the Fall, Kadish locked himself in the Vault, and there was only one way out: the Linking Book he had with him, leading to Kadish's art gallery in Ae'Gura. However, Kadish refused to link, and wrote that he would rather die with all his possessions rather than die with nothing. And that is exactly what he did: he died in the Vault.


    At the end of the Path of the Shell, Yeesha says "his body no longer lies in the Vault." While at first this appears to be an inaccurate statement, further exploration of the Vault reveals a new Linking Book in the right side of the Vault (when facing the door from inside). This Book links to the Vault at some unspecified time (possibly in the future or the past). At this time, most of the material in the Vault has been removed, along with Kadish's body. It is believed that Yeesha, using her ability to travel the Great Tree of Possibility seemingly at will, was able to intercept Kadish and save him from himself.


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