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  • Kedri Story


    Location: Ae'Gura Library


    The story of Kedri - taken from book 42B


    Translation: Nick


    First Draft


    Kedri loved his people and the people of D'ni loved their King, for Kedri did well in the eyes of Yahvo and sought to serve those whom he lead.


    In the 48th year of his reign, Kedri roamed the streets of Ae'gura and was greatly disturbed. For even though all people, rich and poor, loved their King, Kedri saw that the entire Island of Ae'gura was filled with those who were prosperous and those who governed D'ni.


    "Where are my people?" Kedri asked to those who walked with him.


    "All around you," they answered, pointing to the crowds that followed them.


    "Yet I do not see my people here. I see Masters of the Guild and I see owners of our stores. But I do not see those who have no option to join our Guild or those who have built the stores. Where are my people on this island?"


    So the King called together his counselors and expressed his dissappointments and he ordered that a new place (place isn't the right word but I'm having trouble with this word - not the usual district word either although that might be a better translation. Or home.) be built on the Island and that the name of the place (?) be Shamathen. He ordered that Shamathen be made available not to those who did possess the wealth and stature of the elite but to those who were not so fortunate. Still, they wre his people. And the area was built and Kedri was joyful to see his people live in such a place (same word again).


    A short while later, after the area of Shamathen began to grow, Kedri was walking through the city conversing with his people and telling them of his plans. And Kedri was led to the Common Library because he wanted to see the Ages that he heard his people talk of.


    And again the King was disturbed abd he asked his advisors "Where are the Books that the great D'ni have written?"


    "All around you," they answered, pointing to the rows of books that lined the shelves.


    "Yet I do not see the Ages of our people here. I see Ages that resemble failed school assignments for the students of Writers. I see Ages that not even those students would visit, much less a King. So I will ask again? Where are the great Ages of D'ni?"


    So the King returned to his palace and ordered his counselors to bring his most prized book - the Age of the Kings, written during the reign of his grandfather - to the Common Library so that the people of D'ni might be able to see the skills of the great writers, even as he had seen them.


    And the people loved their King more than they had before.


    So the King called his advisors and ordered them to add to the Great Temple so that Yahvo might be pleased and so all of D'ni could visit their god (really it's a form of Yahvo again - I thought god made more sense though) in his house just as those with money (an inherited kind of money) were allowed to do. The King ordered them to add to the Opera House so that all of D'ni could hear the songs of the people, just as those with money (an earned kind of money) were allowed to do. The King ordered them to add to the distrcit of Belari, so that the area started by King Rakeri might not fall into disrepair but be treated as all other areas of the city and that all of D'ni might live in prosperity just as those with money (both earned and inherited) were allowed to do.


    And all people of D'ni grew to love their King more than they had before.


    Some trouble spots here. Seems to be different kinds of money words - might need help with those as well as the whole "palace" thing.


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