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  • Linking Book


    Appears In: Myst, Riven, M3E, M4R, Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live, EoA, BoA, BoT, BoD



    A Linking Book from Riven

    A Linking Book (kor'vakh) is a small leather-bound Book which links back to the Age in which it was written. Linking Books are often used in lieu of Descriptive Books because they are much smaller, lighter, and less valuable. Destroying a Linking Book is akin to deleting a shortcut to a file or application on your computer; the original remains undamaged. Destroying a Descriptive Book destroys the link to the Age permanently, causing all associated Linking Books to cease to function as well.


    It is presently unknown what exactly goes into a Linking Book to make it work. While Gehn, in the Book of Atrus, implies that knowledge of the Age you are linking to is necessary for completing a Linking Book, this information is incorrect according to RAWA. In fact, based on statements made by RAWA to The Riven Lyst in the past, it would appear that no knowledge of either Age is required for a Linking Book to work. It is assumed that a Linking Book contains a common set of Gahro Hevtee that generate the link back to where the Book was written, but beyond that, no further information is available.


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