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  • Linking Chambers, Haven and Spire


    Appear In: M4R

    Location: Haven, Spire


    In order to visit their imprisoned sons without risk of allowing them into Tomahna, Catherine convinced Atrus to write two identical Nara linking chambers into Haven and Spire [Note: it is unclear exactly who did the writing here, and strong points exist for both Atrus and Catherine being the writer].


    The chambers are divided in half with Nara bars. The side opposite the door was where Yeesha, Atrus, and Catherine would stay, separated from Sirrus and Achenar. On this side, there was a Linking Book back to Tomahna, a couch where visitors would wait, and a horn of some sort, used to call Sirrus or Achenar when they wanted them to come for a chat. The other side was were Sirrus or Achenar stayed. Both sides were connected by a passthrough basket, in case the torn family wanted to exchange gifts.


    Sirrus, however, used these chambers to his advantage, and blew open the Spire linking chamber with one of his crystal bombs (notice that the majority of the damage done to the Chamber has occured on the outside), as well as the Haven linking chamber while pursuing Yeesha (notice the damage has only been done to the still-electrified bars and the inner walls crumble even when you are there).


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