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  • Maintainers' Nexus

    • D'ni Age Locations Uru Live: Prologue https://archive.guildofarchivists.org/wiki/Maintainer%27s_Nexus https://www.guildofarchivists.org/uploads/post-2-1158827974.jpg

    Appears In: Uru Live: Prologue

    Location: Unknown


    When maintainers got to the top of the Wall, they were somehow linked to this private Nexus. Once there, they would then link back to the Gahreesen Training Center by means of a provided Linking Book. Because of the Training Center rotates, the Nexus is designed to only allow users to access a given Book for a short period of time, to prevent them from linking into the wrong room. A small light appears over the Linking Book, indicating which team's room (yellow or purple) the user would be linking into when they used the Book. A monitor off to the side shows the remaining Wall players and the Wall's status.


    The Maintainers' Nexus is also capable of stripping the special Maintainer's Suit from its wearer upon linking in.




    Using fly-mode, this nexus can be reached in URU: Complete Chronicles.


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