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  • Moving Archive content to MediaWiki


    To help move content from this Archive it its new MediaWiki-powered home at https://archive.guildofarchivists.org, follow these simple steps:


    [h=1]1. Search the new wiki for the information[/h]

    If the new wiki already contains the article you're looking for, proceed to step 5.


    [h=2]Reference material[/h]

    Reference materials such as journal and in-game dialog transcriptions are in their own namespace. Be sure to search all namespaces for the content you're looking for. In particular, for transcriptions, browsing the new wiki's Reference namespace is a good place to start.


    [h=2]Timeline material[/h]

    The historical timeline has been broken down into constituent pieces. There is intentionally no longer a unified timeline page on the new wiki, and all historical dates have been listed in the Chronology category.


    [h=1]2. Search this Archive for the article you want to move[/h]

    Use the search box at the top of the page, or browse the Archive's category list, to find the article you want to move.


    [h=1]3. Make sure that the article is fully intact[/h]

    Some articles were broken in the transition to this Archive system several years ago and have not yet been fully repaired. If the article you want to move is broken, consider re-writing it on the wiki. Otherwise, edit the article on this Archive and add the "Damaged" tag to it in the "Article Tags" field at the top of the page so that it can be cleaned up by ad administrator at a later date.


    [h=1]4. Copy the article to the wiki[/h]

    We recommend clicking "Edit" to bring up the edit view for an article, then copying the article's content from the Body field. You will need to modify all of the article's formatting tags to use MediaWiki's markup rather than BBCode, but copying the article with the BBCode formatting intact will help you make sure you catch everything that needs to be reformatted.


    When copying an article to the wiki, we also recommend adding wikilinks to important key words the first time they appear. For example, an article about an Age written by Atrus should link to Atrus's article the first time his name appears.


    If you are unfamiliar with MediaWiki's markup syntax, there is a formatting guide on the new wiki to help you.


    [h=1]5. Add the article's wiki URL to the Archive version[/h]

    When editing an article on this Archive, there is a field called "Wiki Link" just above the "Body" field. After you have re-created the article on the wiki, copy its URL and paste it into the "Wiki Link" field. This will enable the Archive to automatically redirect viewers to the article's location on the new wiki.



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