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  • Myst


    Written By: Ti'ana (Anna)

    Appears In: Myst, BoA, BoD (mentioned), Myst III: Exile, (mentioned), Uru: Complete Chronicles, EoA

    Art Created By: Robyn Miller


    Myst Island is one of the most famous Ages in the story of Atrus, and continues to play an important role in the saga of D'ni even to this day. Written by Ti'Anna, Myst served as Atrus and Catherine's base of operations during their attempt to exile Gehn on Riven. Once his father had been dealt with, Atrus made Myst his family's home; Ti'Anna lived out the last of her days on the island, just as Sirrus and Achenar were raised here.


    Myst also came to house Atrus's ever growing library of Ages and their corresponding commentaries. Ever the tinkerer, Atrus (and presumably his family, judging from the boys' willingness to work on his other Ages) constructed additional buildings ranging from an offshore clocktower and a wooden cabin to a planetarium and a dock. Several of the Myst Island structures also served as "places of protection", or secure holding spots where linking books (and other valuables) could be hidden away. It is difficult to gauge when the "places of protection" were designed and installed, although the wording of holographic messages leads us to believe that they were in place long before the betrayal of Sirrus and Achenar.


    Tragically, Myst is best remembered as the site of immeasurable crimes committed by the sons of Atrus and Catherine, who plundered the Ages of the Myst library. The brothers were eventually trapped on Ages intentionally devoid of linking books, but only after many of the civilizations in Atrus's Ages were destroyed.


    How the individual known as "the Stranger" came to possess a Myst linking book is one of the great mysteries of the D'ni. After dropping a linking book to the island in the Star Fissure on Riven--which marooned Gehn on the Age--the book could have landed anywhere. Although Eddy County, New Mexico, shows a strong connection to the Star Fissure, there is no evidence to suggest the book landed there. What is known, however, is that the Stranger navigated Myst and its Ages, saving Atrus and what was left of his family.


    Although Myst was apparently granted to the Stranger following the events of the computer game "MYST", Atrus and Catherine virtually abandoned the place, returning only on rare occasions. Yeesha seems to have inherited her parents feelings regarding the island, referring to it as a "cursed place" and refusing to set foot there. This figured prominently into the events surrounding the release of the Bahro: hoping to acquire the Tablet for himself, D'ni native Esher attempted to lure the Tablet-bearer to Myst, a location where Yeesha would not interfere. While he may have been able to trap unwary explorers on the island--as he linked via a patch of Bahro skin, there were no linking books on Myst--he was ultimately unsuccessful. Dr. Watson released the Bahro in 2005, leading directly to Esher's capture.


    The island is currently in deplorable condition. The structures are crumbling, the lawn is unkempt, and fierce thunderstorms pound the island with rain almost constantly. No doubt as a result of this state, all but the main chamber of the library are closed to modern explorers, and the room itself is bare save for a piece of clothing.


    While there are still many questions surrounding this prominent locale, one especially troublesome issue is that of housing. Early sketches show a tent where Atrus and Catherine slept during the Age's infancy, but modern explorations have failed to account for later accommodations. Making the situation even more frustrating is the clear evidence of arrangements in many of the other Ages of Myst, ranging from a hammock in J'nanin to the furnished rooms of Sirrus and Achenar in Stoneship and Channelwood. Many postulate that the sleeping quarters are below the library, and can be reached either via the observation tower elevator or the fireplace.


    This issue is part of a larger concern with Myst's logistics. According to D'ni historian Richard Watson, consultant to game developer Cyan Worlds, the version of Myst represented in the game was in fact much smaller than it was in reality; only the structures necessary for completion of the game were included, and as a result, the general public is unaware of additional "places of protection".


    While Myst is largely devoid of wildlife, both seagulls and monarch butterflies are common.


    A gravestone near the cabin bears the name of Ti'Ana and is surrounded by her favorite blue flowers. (the same found in the Cleft).


    Map of Myst Island from Myst Masterpiece Edition:





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