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  • Nara


    Appears In: BoA, BoT, M3E, M4R, DRC Research, EoA


    Nara is the hardest of all D'ni stones. It was created in 5307 DE by the Guilds of Miners and Stone Masons in a joint development project. It requires the use of fusion-compounding technology, which was invented in 4826 DE by a member of the Guild of Stone Masons accepted under the policies of King Demath, who required all Guilds to admit a certain percentage of qualified students even if they were unable to afford the cost of attendance.


    Nara is described in the Book of Ti'ana as being dark gray-green in color, and 200 times as dense as the rock from which it is forged. The DRC research journal on King Me'emen, however, presents a slightly more specific description of the material, which is also slightly different. It is described by the DRC as being a metallic gray stone, thirty times the density of steel.


    Although Nara is widely considered by the D'ni to be indestructible (as such, it was often used for such purposes as locks, shoring up tunnels, etc.), it is not without its flaws. Sirrus, in a bid to escape his prison, discovered a sonic frequency which would disrupt the material on a molecular level, causing it to shatter like glass. In this way, he was able to destroy the Linking Cell in Haven protecting the link back to Tomahna and earn his escape.


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