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  • Negilahn: Guild of Inspectors Report

    • Ages https://archive.guildofarchivists.org/wiki/Negilahn



    Name: Negilahn


    Written by: Unknown


    Date written: Unknown


    Date discovered by DRC: Unknown


    Date released to explorers: 12:00 PM, 1st March, 2007


    Linking point: A linking book is located in the Museum in Ae'gura. Once a explorer links though, a linking book will appear in Relto.






    Not much is known about the history or the purpose of the pod known as Negilahn. It appears to be on the same world as the other three pods of Dereno, Payiferen, and Tetsonot.




    The exact purposes of the pod (as with the others) is not known, but has been put forth in theory that they were used to observe life and the enviorment located around the pod.


    Indeed, here at Negilahn, explorers can catch glimpses of a multitude of life forms ranging from insects to very large animals.




    The pod appears to be made mainly out of metal, with the exceptions of the pod windows. There are 3 levels within the pod.




    However, there is moss covering some of the inside walls. A large opening has formed also in one of the pod walls, and plant life is invading.




    There are several buttons and a power switch located inside the pod. None of the buttons will work until the power switch is placed on. All the pods have this type of set up. It should be pointed out that, if you turn the power on in one pod, then link to another pod, the power will not remain on for very long in the second pod. If you need power on in another pod for long periods, you should turn power off in the other pod. (side note: this does not seem to be the case with the pod known as Tetsonot).




    There also appears to be hatches located at the top and bottom of the pods, but no explorer has discovered how to open these. Douglas Sharper, has taken many journeys outside the pod however.



    The area of Negilahn, appears to be tropical in nature and simular to our rain forrests. There definately appears to be a day an night cycle, if one links in at different times, you can see a change in the skies color through the tall trees.






    As with each pod, there is a Nexus linking book located on the bottom level.




    Plants and Fauna:

    The is a multitude of different plants and animal life located here, a list of which goes beyond the scope of this report.


    Report by: Andy Legate, Guild of Inspectors


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