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  • Nexus Book Machine


    Appears In: Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live

    Location: The Nexus


    The Nexus Book Machine is a device that the D'ni used to link to any of the numerous "Nexus Terminals" within the cavern and tunnels of D'ni, as well as any other Ages stored within the Nexus system. Because it is capable of providing links to all known D'ni Ages as well as links back to the Cavern itself, the Book Machine and the rest of the Nexus must reside in their own separate Age.


    Everyone who has a KI has their own personal set of links to whatever Nexus Terminals and Ages they have registered their KI at. The machine recognizes each person's personal KI number when that person inserts their hand into the KI slot next to the viewscreen, and displays the links that they can access. The person then simply selects the place that they wish to go from the options displayed on the screen, and the Nexus finds that book among its huge library of all Maintainer-approved books (including virtually every important location in D'ni). The machine automatically opens the book to the linking panel for the linker to use.


    While the Nexus was in limited operations mode between February and August of 2004, explorers were able to get the Nexus running at full capacity again when the DRC allowed limited access to the Cavern despite their absence.


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