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    Noloben, an Age with extensive beaches and dune grasses, was the home to an elderly D'ni Archivist, Esher, and the native Age of the Bahro. Esher, who fled to Noloben after the fall of D'ni, was not welcomed by the Bahro, but managed to survive because the Bahro had previously been under D'ni control. While residing in the Age, Esher built a laboratory and performed experiments upon the Bahro.


    During the brief DRC restoration of the Ages, Esher was found by the DRC and contact was established. Before anything concrete could be done, however, the DRC disbanded due to lack of funding and the restoration was halted at Phase 2.


    The island accessible in End of Ages consists of a fine sand beach on the main island surrounding a large, cliff-like pedestal, on which Esher's laboratory is located (it is accessible from passages underneath the pedestal). The Bahro fear to enter his laboratory and tunnel system because the snakes that live their block their special linking powers. Numerous smaller islands, home to two species of birds, surround the main island. Using Noloben's Bahro Tablet, it is possible to make it rain for a small period of time.


    When the DRC returned to D'ni in 2006, Noloben was occasionally brought up as a topic of discussion between them and the explorer population. The DRC noted on several occasions that the D'ni whom Marie Sutherland had met on the Age during their earlier explorations was no longer there. Following the death of Wheely Engberg in May of 2007, Douglas Sharper traveled to Noloben to exact revenge on the Bahro, and succeeded in killing one, which he brought back and displayed in the Watcher's Pub. No explorers have been able to gain access to Noloben under the DRC's stewardship of D'ni, and Phil Henderson referred to it as a dangerous place to try and visit, where the Bahro civil war was being fought with considerable fierceness.


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