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    The Pod Age is an D'ni Age (name unknown) used as a sort of zoo or museum. It gets its unofficial name from the numbered [article=Pod|observation pods] (D'ni: ziktee) that dot its surface.



    After the release of Dereno, explorers determined that the pods were actually in the same Age. The release of a map of the northern hemisphere of the Age around the same time confirmed this. These 'Ages' are named by the area in which they reside. However, most explorers still refer to the whole of the accessible pods as 'Pod Ages'.


    The Age itself is a planet with a day cycle of 13 pahrtahvtee (an equivilent of a D'ni hour and approximately 1 hour and 13 minutes). The known area of the age consists of six large land masses with numerous smaller land masses and islands.


    The known large land masses are:

    • Dereno
    • Payiferen
    • Cheecho
    • Negilahn
    • Hayvu
    • an unnamed one of indeterminate size

    Also, Rigilahs is a smaller land mass that is known to have a known name, to the northwest of Payiferen. The Tetsenot pod seems to be underwater,but it is unknown whether the name refers to the pod, some small island in the area or a body of water.


    South of all of these land masses is a large ocean named Gahrahno vahmot ('eastern ocean').


    The Age hosts several different climates, though the only observed areas are those around the pods. Dereno seems to be polar, with icebergs and no noticeable variations in the day cycle. Negilahn hosts some swamps. Part of Payiferen is wind-swept desert.


    The observation pods in the Pod Age are numbers, with the highest known one is numbered 25. The map released by the DRC only shows the location of 13 - one in Dereno, two in Cheecho, five in Payiferen, one in Negilahn, one in Rigilahs, one on the unnamed land mass and one in the sea near Cheecho (Tetsonot).



    [h=1]Release by DRC[/h]

    In 2007, the DRC released several 'Ages' by placing their Books in the museum in Ae'gura, each leading to a pod.


    In order of release:

    • [article=Negilahn] (#18)
    • [article=Dereno] (#25)
    • [article=Payiferen] (#13)
    • [article=Tetsonot] (#6)


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