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  • Rebek


    Appears In: DRC Site, Uru: Complete Chronicles / Uru Live (Bahroglyph?)


    Rebek is an Age where some sort of Bahro or slave hunting was said to have taken place, using slaves traded through a D'ni named Manesmo on Teledahn (the Bahroglyph from Eder Kemo shown on the left is thought to represent Rebek and the activities there). The following statement is taken from the DRC site about its suspension:


    Rebek - 7/02 - Environmental abnormalities - too dangerous - Watson


    Dr. Watson also had this to say about Rebek: "The environment is a large space with some unusual gravitational/magnetic anomalies. We don't consider it a safe place to be spending a lot of time at the moment..."


    Rebek was under Phase 2 of its restoration when it was suspended by Dr. Watson in July, 2002. According to a journal written by Douglas Sharper, the suspension had little to do with Dr. Watson's official comment. Rather, Watson found the idea that the D'ni had owned and hunted slaves to be repulsive to the point that he suspended restoration of the Age.


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