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  • Releeshahn


    Written By: Atrus

    Appears In: Myst III: Exile, End of Ages, BoD (unnamed at that time), BoM


    Releeshahn was written by Atrus as a new home for the D'ni, so that they could live their future without being overshadowed by the mistakes of their past in the D'ni Cavern. Its name means "the Whole", a tribute to the teachings of Atrus's grandmother Ti'ana. The script along the lock protecting the Book is a rough D'ni translation of Atrus's comments upon the christening of the Age: "We must not forget from whence we have come" (with thanks to the DLF for the translations).


    What we have seen of the Age is composed mainly of sweeping plains and mountains, with a river meandering through the valley. Two massive pillars - The Pillar of Atrus and the Pillar of Catherine - also dominate the landscape of the valley, and it is around the Pillar of Atrus that the new D'ni settlement has grown (information courtesy the Book of Marrim excerpt).


    The Releeshahn Book suffered a near-tragedy when Saavedro, a man from Atrus' past, returned and stole the book in an attempt to exact revenge for what Sirrus and Achenar had done to his world. Fortunately, the Book was returned unharmed by Atrus' mysterious friend, known only as "The Stranger".


    In 2005, after aiding Yeesha in completing the quest to free the Bahro from their enslavement to their D'ni masters, Dr. Watson was invited to live on Releeshahn. Phil Henderson, upon his return to the Cavern in 2007, also mentioned that he had lived with Yeesha on Releeshahn for a time.


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