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    Appear In: Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live




    [toc]Table of Contents[/toc]


    These are sometimes also called Yeesha pages, or treasure pages. These mysterious pages can be added to our Relto book, and cause changes to our Age of Relto. In addition, these pages can be turned off and on by touching them once they are in the Book. They illustrate how Yeesha's power of Writing is greater than all other writers - that she could literally create or remove things without even needing to change the link. Also, they do not even contain writing, D'ni or otherwise, this is what makes them so special.



    Rleto Pages are listed here under the heading of the version of Uru in which they were first released. Changes in location or effect between versions of Uru will be noted in the details of the page's description. Unless otherwise noted, all of these pages can be found in Myst Online: Uru Live.


    [h=1]Uru: Ages Beyond Myst[/h]

    Gift: Rocks and logs

    Age: Gahreesen

    Location: In the room after the KI machine, in the deep crevice/hole in the floor.

    Details: Adds kickable logs and stones around the island.



    Gift: New roof

    Age: Teledahn

    Location: In the upper level of the Big Shroom between the aquarium and the crate.

    Details: Replaces the material roof with a nice new thached roof.



    Gift: A tree that grows with time

    Age: Kadish Tolesa

    Location: On a ledge by the mist lake of trees between the second and third puzzles.

    Details: Adds a new tree to Relto that mimics the location of the Channelwood elevator tree on Myst. This tree starts out small or even imperceptible, but over several months will grow to a considerable height.



    Gift: Decorative paintwork and rug

    Age: Eder Kemo

    Location: In the puffer garden on a ledge above the ground.

    Details: Adds a rug in the center of the Relto hut and decorative paintwork around the outside of the building.



    Gift: Waterfall

    Age: Gahreesen

    Location: In the prison cell behind a pillow on the bed (accessed from Teledahn).

    Details: Adds a waterfall that cascades off the right side of the mountain, into a stone-lined pool on the plateau, and off the side of the island.



    Gift: Rain

    Age: Cleft

    Location: In the imager room after clicking the green button (only available after endgame).

    Details: Causes a perpetual rain to fall in Relto.



    [h=1]URU: To D'ni / Uru Live: Prologue[/h]

    Gift: Islands

    Age: D'ni - Bevin

    Location: In the light garden by a window above a large rock.

    Details: Adds a series of small islands to the left side of Relto, many of which can be jumped to.



    Gift: Dock

    Age: Teledahn

    Location: On a small dock, (only accessible from the linking stone located near the Ferry Terminal in the City).

    Details: Adds a small wooden dock to Relto in the same place as the dock on Myst.



    Gift: Imager

    Age: D'ni - Rezeero (Great Zero)

    Location: At side of courtyard stairs beneath the link-in spot.

    Details: Adds an imager to Relto which can be used to display images and text files created with your KI. In Uru: Complete Chronicles, this imager will show anything placed in the "My Pictures" folder of your Uru directory.



    [h=1]URU: To D'ni[/h]

    Gift: Sun and two moons

    Age: D'ni - Ae'gura

    Location: In the Museum on one of the bookstands.

    Details: Causes a sun and two moons to appear in the sky. These heavenly bodies do not move, and do not trigger a day/night cycle.



    Gift: Music Player

    Age: D'ni - Eder Tomahn

    Location: On the bed in the wall near Dr. Watson's camp.

    Details: Adds a [article title="Cannen]cannen[/article], a D'ni music player, to the corner of the hut. This player will play back a variety of musical tracks depending on the version of Uru being played. For more information about the cannen, please refer to its full entry.



    [h=1]URU: Path of the Shell[/h]

    Gift: Clock

    Age: Ahnonay

    Location: On the right hand dock of the maintenance center in the second/desolate sphere.

    Details: Adds a clock similar to the one in the Neighborhood to a gear-shaped island off the far tip of Relto's main island.



    Gift: Firemarbles

    Age: Er'cana

    Location: At the end of one of the water pipes.

    Details: Adds kickable firemarbles to the Relto hut.



    Gift: Fireplace

    Age: Myst

    Location: In the Myst fireplace after entering combination #256 from "Myst".

    Details: Adds a fireplace complete with fire to the side of the Relto hut next to the waterfall.



    Gift: Grass and plants

    Age: K'veer

    Location: On the table.

    Details: Adds a carpet of greener grass and flowers to Relto.



    Gift: Butterflies

    Age: Kadish Tolesa

    Location: In the future version of the Vault (available only after endgame).

    Details: Adds large red butterflies that flutter all around the island.



    [h=1]Myst Online: Uru Live[/h]

    Gift: Bahro Pillars

    Age: The Cleft

    Location: In the Bahro cave beneath the tree in the Cleft.

    Details: Myst Online begins with a single pillar on Relto, containing a linking book to the Cleft. After completing the Cleft and finding/activating this page, the single pillar is replaced with the four Journey Age pillars, each linking to one of the four Ages in Yeesha's initial Journey.



    Gift: Bench

    Age: D'ni - Eder Delin

    Location: On a bench near the fountain.

    Details: Provides a bench, which overlooks the ocean of clouds, to sit and rest on. Explorers may sit on the bench by standing in front of it and clicking on bench.



    Gift: Island Bridge

    Age: The Cleft

    Location: Firepit near Zandi's trailer.

    Details: Provides a small island off Relto, and a bridge system to access the island. The island contains a round slab/plate painted with a spiral symbol, as well as twelve tick-marks surrounding the spiral. The [article title=calendar spark]calendar sparks[/article] appear here after being activated.



    (information found on D'ni Desk and Guild of Greeters)

    (Thanks to Teroglahn for extra information!)


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