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  • Relto (Phil Henderson's)


    Appears In: Uru: Complete Chronicles

    Written By: Yeesha


    The link to Phil's Relto is located in the Spy Room used by Phil and Douglas Sharper to keep tabs on the DRC's activities. The Age itself is very much like the Relto given to all of the other explorers who have started on Yeesha's journey, though the sun has set on this Relto, leaving it darker and more subdued, with crickets complimenting the general ambient sounds of the Age. Phil's bookshelf also boasts a very impressive collection of Linking Books. In 2004, Phil's link to the Kirel neighborhood was unlocked, enabling individual explorers who remained after the DRC's withdrawal to gain (or re-gain) access the underground D'ni City. The Book has since been locked, and now none of Phil's Books are accessible. It is interesting to note that while explorers who visited the Cavern between late 2006 and 2008 were treated to a revised Relto Bookshelf organization, Phil's shelf retains the layout that explorers have recorded from their solo explorations in 2004, with symbols for the Journey, To D'ni, and The Path of the Shell etched into the books on the upper shelf.


    It was originally theorized that the sky in Phil's Relto was dark because of comments made by Yeesha about the Age reflecting the soul of its owner. At the time explorers originally gained access to Phil's Relto in 2004, Phil was believed to be deceased by almost everyone in the explorer community. However, when Phil returned to the Cavern in 2007 and his old Relto Book was again made available, the sky remained dark, which seems to stand against this long-running theory. It now seems more likely that in his extensive travels, Phil acquired a Relto Page that darkened the sky of his Relto.


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