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  • Relto


    Appears In: Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live

    Written By: Yeesha


    Relto (which, according to Yeesha, means "the high place") is an Age originally Written as a gift for her parents, and is based on the design of Myst Island. The Book itself has the previously unheard of ability to follow its owner (and only its owner) through the link when it is used, and is also capable of linking to itself (in other words, you can use the Book while already standing in the Age).


    Relto's Book is also capable of adding new items to the Age through the addition of pages scattered throughout other Ages. These pages do not appear to contain any D'ni writing; rather, they are pictographic depictions of the item that is added. Additionally, these items can be turned off and on by touching the symbol itself.


    Yeesha has said that Relto will change as an explorer's explorations continue, reflecting who they are; becoming the "soul" of the explorer. It is presently unclear to what extent Yeesha intends this, and speculations on this subject also extend into the Book's ability to somehow identify who is using it when linking.


    It is important to note that each explorer in the Cavern is given their own copy of Relto to use. It is speculated that this is possible because of Yeesha's ability (according to RAWA) to explicitly select a single instance of an Age from the multitude of possibilities, a feat which the D'ni were not capable of. In this way, each explorer has their own personal instance of Relto which is unique and yet functionally equivalent to that of every other explorer.


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