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  • Rime

    • Ages Myst IV: Revelation realMYST https://archive.guildofarchivists.org/wiki/Rime https://www.guildofarchivists.org/uploads/post-2-1152770606.jpg

    Writer: Atrus

    Appears In: RealMyst, M4R


    Rime was an uninhabited Age of ice and snow that Atrus wrote in order to work with some crystals he had found that had some of the same properties as linking books. It was probably one of the last Ages he wrote during the period in which he lived on Myst.


    Rime was most likely above the Arctic circle of its world, since it has been recorded that the sun never came up on that Age. Moreover, the conditions of Rime were harsh ones - it was always bitter cold and snowing. The Age was also subject to powerful electromagnetic storms, likely associated with its proximity to the northern pole of the planet.


    Atrus built an observatory on Rime that went both above ground and under ground. While on Rime, Atrus began to notice the Age's Northern Lights. These facinated both him and his adult sons Sirrus and Achenar. Achenar, Sirrus, and Atrus conducted an experiment on Rime to trigger the lights at will by creating several large metal towers, which were powered by electricity conducted through the salt water of the ocean. In this way they were able to at least partly understand the nature of the lights.


    In addition to the lights, Atrus also spent much time experimenting with linking crystals. Catherine took an unusual amount interest in this project as well. One of the primary goals of this was to obtain a view of Riven, which neither Atrus nor Catherine had seen for a long time, and an Age which they both wanted to know about, in order to keep a closer eye on Atrus's father, Gehn. They were able to succeed in both making the crystals point to other Ages and to eventually get Riven to appear in the viewer.


    Note - a speculation thread has been started here for Rime. Please go there and post about non-factual content in Rime.


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