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  • Serenia

    • Ages Myst IV: Revelation https://archive.guildofarchivists.org/wiki/Serenia https://www.guildofarchivists.org/uploads/post-668-1097570169.jpg

    Written by: Catherine

    Appears in: Myst IV: Revelation


    Serenia is an Age of great natural beauty, with clear skies, and plentiful amounts of sparkling water running through a stone forest down to a crystal lake. It is inhabited by a peaceful, spiritual people, who enjoy traveling by balloon. Because of the numerous sulfur vents, the sparkling qualities of the water, and the shape of the rock formations in the Stone Forest, it is believed that the island is volcanic in nature, though volcanic activity appears to be completely extinct at this time (Teroglahn).


    Much of the water flows through a complex irrigation system, controlled by four diversion devices that can selectively block certain channels. As one strolls along the ancient stone paths that meander through the forest, a variety of unique lifeforms can be seen, including the delicate Serenian butterfly. From certain vantage points, large boulders can be seen floating in the sky.


    An interesting aspect of Serenian culture is their belief that they can preserve and communicate with the memories of their dead using the services of the "Memory Chamber" -- a giant, flowering fungus that produces "memory globes" through its root system. A sisterhood of six "Protectors" is devoted to maintaining the chamber and its stored memories. The Protectors also claim to foretell the future by consulting with their ancestors in the Dream Realm, using the help of an elemental spirit guide of wind, water, or fire.


    The Protectors perform their tasks and ceremonies in a temple complex on the edge of the stone forest, on an island separate from the village. The serene beauty of the ancient stone construction adds to the aura of tranquility permeating the Age.


    Although Atrus considers this to be one of Catherine's "impossible" Ages, and dismisses the Serenian beliefs as totally unscientific, all of Atrus and Catherine's children studied the culture of Serenia in their youth. Yeesha was so successful in her studies that she was given one of the special amulets worn by the Protectors, which can reveal strong memories stored in certain objects. Sirrus and Achenar, however, abused their understanding of Serenia to create a device that could drain the memories from a living person and allow someone else to make use of that person's body. Ultimately this abuse led to the deaths of the two brothers.


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