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  • Shell Cloth


    Appears In: Uru: Complete Chronicles

    Located In: Ahnonay, Er'cana, Great Tree Pub



    Shell Cloth from Uru: Complete Chronicles

    The Shell Cloth is similar to the Journey Cloth, in that touching it creates a bookmark, returning you to that spot on the Age. It is round and blue (or green, in Myst Online), with Yeesha's Shell symbol printed on it (hence its name), and does not activate any special doors. However, unlike Journey Cloths, which are able to follow a point's movement through space within the Age (ref: the Gahreesen Journey Cloth bookmarks), Shell Cloths behave like traditional D'ni Linking Books, linking to a fixed point in an Age which does not shift with its surroundings.


    While Uru: Path of the Shell merely used these cloths as linking bookmarks, they gained another purpose in 2007, when the DRC officially opened the Ages of Er'cana and Ahnonay to the public. As each shell cloth is touched, a shell-shaped portal - similar to those found in the [article title=pod age]Pod Age[/article] pods - appears in each Age. When complete, this portal links the explorer to a Bahro Cave, where they can collect a stone wedge for their Relto "well" to signify that they have completed the Age.


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