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    • Ages Myst Myst IV: Revelation https://archive.guildofarchivists.org/wiki/Spire https://www.guildofarchivists.org/uploads/post-2-1152771253.jpg,post-2-1152771228.jpg

    Appears in: Myst (as The Red Book), M4R

    Written by: Atrus


    Spire is a dark and grim world consisting of floating rocks and structures. Although it is inhabitable, it is far from an ideal place to live. There appears to be no life on Spire other than plants, which Sirrus used to support himself after he ran out of the supplies he brought with him when arrived. Spire contains 2 layers of clouds, both with heavy lightning storms in them. The core of Spire is far below the floating structures, and appears to be a great green 'fire' of magnetism, keeping the rocks afloat. It is speculated that this green fireball is an odd type of star, but little has been definitively determined regarding its nature or origin. Finally, Spire contains a large amount of crystaline growth, including several geometrically-shaped wind pipes and chutes that are scattered about the Age. Some of these can be slid down to access other areas of Sirrus's domain, while others are sealed with crystaline forms, and are used by Sirrus for his massive crystal organ.


    Atrus describes this Age as a grand illusion in his journal. An Age with perfectly sculpted arches and staircases, yet never touched by human hands. Sirrus, not to mention members of the Myst community, have speculated that perhaps Atrus was wrong in his assumptions, and that once, many millennia ago, Spire was a whole planet with a thriving civilization that was ravaged and destroyed by whatever force now keeps its fragments in balance above its green core.


    While Atrus intended for the Age to be a prison for over-greedy explorers, he did not realize it would become a prison for his son, Sirrus. For 20 years Sirrus tried to escape the world by finding the Myst Book Atrus used to leave Spire; he assumed Atrus dropped it, and so climbed down the rock structures, building amazing machines and wiring strange electronics to achieve his goal, only to find that there was no ground to get to. Along the way, Sirrus discovered the source of the strange harmonic sounds that Atrus had remarked on when first visiting the Age: strange crystals which discharge static electricity with a particular resonance. By experimenting with these crystals, Sirrus was able to manufacture some which were capable of disrupting the molecular cohesion of Nara, a nearly impregnable stone, which was also used for the Linking Chamber Atrus had Written into the Age 20 years after Sirrus was trapped there. In this way, Sirrus was able to escape his prison and attempt to exact revenge on his family.

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