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  • Stoneship Age

    • Ages Myst realMYST https://archive.guildofarchivists.org/wiki/Stoneship https://www.guildofarchivists.org/uploads/post-2-1153204610.jpg

    Appears In: Myst, realMyst

    Written By: Atrus


    Atrus wrote the Stoneship Age while he was living on Myst Island. On linking to Stoneship, Atrus found that three boys were calling the area near his link site home. Their names were Emmit, Branch, and Will. They seemed to have little concern about how they got there, or even how Atrus got there. Stoneship was covered in water as far as the eye could see, but the area around Atrus' link site featured several rocks jutting up from the water. The largest of these contained a cave, which the boys used as a home. The boys seemed to know nothing of civilization or of evil. The weather was just right; a cool breeze blew there, never allowing the air to get too hot. Rain never visited Stoneship until after Atrus came to the Age. Then, the occasional storm would rise up, scaring the boys greatly.


    Atrus attempted an experiment on Stoneship. He tried to write a ship into the Age (presumably to explore the Age further). However, the ship somehow became fused with the cave, leading Atrus to a deeper understanding of how the Art works. Soon after that Atrus began another project on Stoneship. He and the boys undertook the construction of a lighthouse, to investigate the lights Atrus had been seeing on the horizon. Atrus hoped that if a bright light appeared, any native people would flock to it, thus revealing new neighbors. Sure enough, on the completion of the lighthouse more people arrived at "The Rocks," as Emmit called them. After this, Atrus left for ten years, to see what might take place without him. Upon his return, a fairly large settlement had sprung up around the lighthouse. Sources indicate that the inhabitants may have found gold, and that all was still peaceful. However, his lighthouse changed slightly over the years. "The rock on it seems not to be as secure as I would like." and "The lighthouse has been kept in perfect condition and they have tried their best to keep it so. The rock itself appears to have sunk 50 or 60 centimeters."


    When Sirrus and Achenar plundered the Ages, Stoneship changed dramatically. We still do not know what happened to the people living around the Rocks, as when Atrus' friend arrived at Stoneship, he found no signs of life. Whether they ran from Sirrus and Achenar or were killed by them, we may never know. According to accounts, it appears that Stoneship's fair weather was replaced with constant storms and rain, but why the weather changed in this way is a matter for debate. Also, somehow a pump was created and the lighthouse has sunk so far that only the top and a landing below can be accessible.


    It should be noted that Atrus, in his journal about Stoneship, mentions it as a "newly-created Age". Given that Atrus regularly espouses the view that Ages are not created, merely linked to, this is either one of two things: an error on Cyan's part in translating the journals, or Atrus referring to the link, not the Age itself, being created.


    Map of Stoneship Age from Myst Masterpiece Edition:






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