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  • The KI (notebook)

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      The KI




      Location: Gahreesen Conference room


    The KI


    Base functions - D'ni #3 on the back side of all of these devices...3 functions? There's certainly more than that. 3 core functions? In any case, it's a convenient name: KI.


    1. Nexus Interface - the Nexus seems to be just an interpreter for KI data. KI's allow user's to provide or decline Book access to other KI's. I think we can make this work for neighborhoods as well. Age names defined in the KI appear in the Nexus. Or should...


    2. Interpersonal Communication - Obviously the most function: voice or text communication to other KI users. Inter- or Intra-Age - doesn't seem to matter.


    3. Image Capture, Storage & Transfer - A single button-press captures an image and stores it within an appropriate Age directory. Images can be sent to other KI's as well as uploaded to some imagers (depending on versions). Seems main servers coordinated this functionality - might be tough to revive.


    4. Journal Entry, Storage & Transfer - fairly simple. Write notes and store them. Again server handles transfer journal...KI-to-KI or KI-to-imager.


    5. Markers - the ability to drop and collect markers at the operator's present location in an Age. Layers of functionality here - requires more research. Perhaps this feature could be tapped to help with the GZ problem



    6. Doors - In this Age, the KI (even at its most basic level) opened Level 1 doors. Level 2 and 3 doors require higher versions.



    There is much more variety to these devices then we first suspected. The "dispenser" is capable of handing out at least five versions and possibly more. Feature set varies widely. There must have been a system to control and track these devices...where?


    Imager built into the unit is surprisingly compact and efficient. Uses this same blasted "lattice" compression system for lack of a better word...have to crack that. Powerful projection for something that fits on the top of a hand.




    Markers - Purpose: Perhaps a training tool for Maintainers. Markers could be set up and recruits and/or lower ranks run through the "course".


    Interface: KI's interact with markers in 3 ways.


    "Team Capture" - once all markers are placed, there are two teams that can collect markers. The KI registers the marker to the respective team. Markers can vanish after a time limit or after all have been registered Markers must be in the same Age. Test: Can markers be reset?


    "Hold" - again two teams. Markers only vanish after a preset time limit has expired. Markers so not disappear upon being activated although server keeps track of what team is "holding" it. Server summarizes team holding most markers at the end of the time limit. Markers must be in the same Age.


    "Single Capture" - only one individual KI can register markers. Markers also carry text. Entire marker set can be sent via KI to another KI anywhere in the system. Markers can be placed in any Age.


    Markers themselves seem identical to those produced by the Great Zero. In fact, I'm positive the same technology is being used, if not the Great Zero itself. It's possible the KI's are communicating with the Zero itself and writing these marks anywhere they are registered. Problems with that theory

    maintainers markers, etc...



    KI Registration - KI tracks of other KI's on 3 levels:


    Intra-Age: Any other KI within the Age is logged and displayed.


    KI-to-KI: Any individual KI can be registered for specific tracking. As a result, no matter where that KI is journals, photos, etc can be sent and communication can occur. Perhaps this was used for temporary or semi-permanent team missions. For our purposes - a 'friends list?'


    Groups: The Ki also recognizes groups, somehow related to the Nexus. Seems possible, if properly configured, to support Neighborhood lists with this function.


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