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  • The Watcher, Journal


    Found in: PoTS

    Location: Relto bookcase


    On the six hundred and twenty fifth month of my life I was gazing upon the star of Ces in the sky of the age of Windring. And at the time of my birth the star began to brighten until it became brighter than the rings themselves. And with a sudden brilliance it turned the night into day. And I beheld the fire of the Maker. And he spoke to me. And the fire of the Maker left me, and I saw only blackness, because my eyes were blinded. But his words remained...



    "You will wait for a time. And you will watch for a time more. And you will receive the signs - signs of things that have been, and signs of things that will be. And great wisdom will be passed through you so that those who come after you will know that I am the Maker.


    "You will watch for the signs of the builders. For the builders will make great things of D


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