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  • The Watcher, "Words" Section 1


    Section 1


    ] Revere the Maker; cherish the made.

    ] Here lies wisdom.


    ] The door lies at the end of the path.

    ] Who will gather? Many.

    ] Who will finish? Few.


    ] The grower will take time.

    ] The grower will bring light.

    ] The grower will have Ages.

    ] Take it, and more it to and fro.

    ] Bring light, and give it to the dark places.

    ] Have Ages, and link to them without bindings.


    ] Loud cries yet again.

    ] Can it be made? No.

    ] We mourn our loss.

    ] No one sees.


    ] In the rock where changes are found.

    ] Because of tunnels D


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