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  • The Watcher, "Words" Section 2


    Section 2


    ] Do not trust the sons of the burdened one.

    ] They will seek comfort in their books.

    ] This is the warning of the fall.

    ] Do not seek comfort in your books.

    ] When destruction comes, other ages will not save you.


    ] Seen under bones in the jail cells,

    ] A row of keys is here.


    ] Minds are soft, hearts are callused.

    ] In the new place chaos reigns.

    ] Wisdom is hidden.

    ] But a storm approaches, and a new river flows.

    ] Its waters of deep red stain the land.

    ] Cross the valley of dry sand and new blooms will appear.

    ] Wisdom is found.


    ] The action of the gathered means nothing.

    ] The action of the deceived is toiling in vain.


    ] The dam has been destroyed,

    ] And the river opened.

    ] He who unleashes its fury

    ] Screams for mercy, and calls for help.

    ] But no one comes.

    ] As death drowns him,

    ] It takes everything in its path.


    ] Darkness makes the righteous humble and the evil bold.

    ] Darkness comes at the end of time.

    ] Take the path upward, or those above will travel downward.

    ] Seek the path of the shell.

    ] The meeting of worlds is destruction and blessing.

    ] The kingdom of D


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