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  • The Watcher, "Words" Section 4


    Section 4


    ] In the night they walk through the streets

    ] Looking to one another for explanation;

    ] Trying to understand the mourning that fills the city,

    ] And prevent them from lying down.

    ] Others ignore the wails.

    ] They feel safe and talk as though they are immortal.

    ] As they too succumb to death

    ] They remember the restless nights.


    ] The number of the watcher is six hundred and twenty five.

    ] It is the number of waiting.

    ] It is the number of truth.


    ] You only need to ask what has been viewed to know.


    ] A heart for the least is the path to forgiveness.

    ] Move your heart far from pride, and joy will come.


    ] A desert bird knows where to wait and watch

    ] A desert bird knows when the storm will come.

    ] A desert bird knows where the water will flow.

    ] A desert bird knows when the tree will grow.


    ] A new five reign.

    ] To bring them back;

    ] To return;

    ] To unite.


    ] A new one reigns.

    ] To send them away;

    ] To push away;

    ] To divide.


    ] If more you seek,

    ] Ask and then be given a ray of hope.


    ] A man pulls ten others behind him,

    ] Because he believes.

    ] Another lifeless body is thrown into the cart,

    ] Because it doubts.

    ] People line the street

    ] Watching the cart go through their midst.

    ] Wondering what they should choose,

    ] And where their own body will be soon.


    ] Learn from the least, for their burden is great.

    ] A bird from the desert will build a nest in the tree.


    ] There is a circle of seasons,

    ] Death and life,

    ] Until a final end.

    ] The way is made clear at the end of time.


    ] Do not fear the wound, it is a way of peace in time of need.

    ] A place of patience;

    ] A place of stone;

    ] The gathered are known by their faces of stone.

    ] A place to fall;

    ] A place to be raised;

    ] The gathered will fall into the wound.


    ] Like the lelam they grow,

    ] Expanding in size

    ] But lessening in thickness.

    ] Expanding in territory.

    ] Swallowing enemies and smaller beasts

    ] But dying slowly.

    ] For what they eat is of little value.

    ] And what they consume destroys the stomach.

    ] So they continue to expand,

    ] Until there is nothing left where they started.


    ] Winds of change blow from above.

    ] Feel the wind, it will move you.


    ] The little ones destroy;

    ] The little ones rebuild;

    ] The little ones remove;

    ] The little ones give back.


    ] The future is always revealed to those who wait.

    ] But the proud have no patience.

    ] Because of pride, the destruction will come.


    ] This is your one answer.

    ] What is given is proof of it.


    ] The wound gives birth to the rebuilder of pride.

    ] The wound takes the age of the rebuilder of pride.


    ] A new five reign;

    ] To bring them home;

    ] To return their life;

    ] To unite their desires.


    ] Rest in the light.

    ] Call in the dark.

    ] Sing in the time of joy.

    ] Weep in the time of the pride.


    ] A new one reigns;

    ] To send them away to what is good;

    ] To return them to what is right;

    ] To unite them to what is true.


    ] A heart for pleasure is a filthy pit of binding.

    ] A heart for the Maker is a clean breath of release.


    ] For they have claimed a share of very old order.


    ] I see the tree

    ] With only one branch.

    ] What misery

    ] To watch it fall

    ] And never grow.


    ] Nothing but a seed;

    ] A seed that grows slowly;

    ] Roots grow, fed by water;

    ] Growing upward, only one.


    ] The remnant will live in plenty,

    ] Until a time of testing comes.

    ] The remnant will learn of the Maker.

    ] From one who learns of the Maker.


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