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  • The Watcher, "Words" Section 5


    Section 5


    ] Do my wishes deceive me?

    ] I have never seen like this before

    ] Darkness and tears fill my eyes,

    ] But not today.

    ] No longer do they mourn;

    ] No longer do they not realize their path.

    ] Is this the ending?

    ] Is this what I wait for?

    ] There can be no deception

    ] With such dreams that outweigh my own.

    ] Does this end have to leave so soon?

    ] Do not take the end from me.


    ] Do not put out the least for they will save you.

    ] The gathered will tell of the path of the shell.

    ] The bound will know of the path of the stone.

    ] Words are many, but action is what is desired.

    ] The gathered will find rest when the light comes.

    ] The circle is broken;

    ] The metal is melted in the fire.

    ] Strangely the cloth does not burn.

    ] The cloth of many;

    ] It remains in the fire

    ] And produces new life.

    ] Though the circle is gone

    ] It has brought triumph.


    ] The dreams of the wise are a gift from the Maker.

    ] The cleft is blessing to the gathered.

    ] Contempt is a gift from the accuser.

    ] Roll the stone to know the deceiver.


    ] They ask for it again.

    ] They cry out for yesterday.

    ] They want wisdom united

    ] Under one.



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