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  • Todelmer

    • Ages Myst V: End of Ages https://archive.guildofarchivists.org/wiki/Todelmer https://www.guildofarchivists.org/uploads/post-2-1146109546.jpg,post-2-1146109567.jpg

    Appears In: DRC Site, End of Ages


    Todelmer is a museum Age, similar to Negilahn, that was first mentioned on the DRC website. Unlike most Ages, the Book for this Age links to a moon, not a planet. For the sake of convenience, we will refer to the planet as Todelmer, and the moon as Todelmer's moon.


    Todelmer's moon is a fairly large one by celestial standards, as it appears to have normal gravity, and is able to retain liquid water and an oxygen atmosphere. The moon appears to be a single massive plain, with rivers threading through it, occasionally interrupted by huge craters. Massive towers of rock dot the landscape, reaching thousands of feet into the air. The purpose of the Age appears to be astronomy, as it contains two major observatories that have adjustable telescopes. These observatories, as well as the telescopes, are built atop the stone pillars, granting a spectacular view of the surrounding regions of space. Massive ropes link the telescopes to the observation platforms, enabling the D'ni to remotely control the telescopes. A small tram serves to connect the two observation platforms.


    Todelmer itself appears to be a massive blue-white planet. Nothing is presently known about the geography of the planet, but the presence of a massive hurricane and the absence of any other planet-wide cloud systems implies that this planet is not a gas giant like others its size in our own solar system. The planet also sports an impressive set of blue-tinted rings, implying a high ice content.


    Like other museum Ages (such as Negilahn), Todelmer has a "pod" structure, from which much of the Age can be safely observed. Unlike Negilahn, however, Todelmer's pod is located in space, orbiting Todelmer along its ring plane.


    Using the Bahro slate in the Age it is possible to manipulate time; its Bahro Keep is located in its observation pod. Todelmer was under Phase 4 of its restoration when the Cavern was closed by the DRC in 2004, and was not made available to explorers before the Cavern was again abandoned in 2008.


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