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  • Wahrk


    Appears In: Riven, Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live

    Found In: Riven (Survey, Jungle Islands), Earth


    The wahrk is a large, whale-like animal from Riven. The Rivenese had a great respect for the creature, something akin to Eskimos and their reverence towards the whale, as Robyn Miller put it. Gehn took advantage of this respect, and after hunting down and killing a great many of them, he kept one or two as pets. The tusks and skulls of the ones Gehn killed can be found littered all around Survey Island, and five skulls make up the top ornamentation for what is referred to as the "Wahrk Gallows" on Jungle Island, as well as one covering his gallows control throne. The pets that Gehn kept were used as tools of intimidation over the Rivenese, and those who disobeyed Gehn were sacrificed to the wahrks as an example to others.


    Apparently, when Gehn is not present, his pet Wahrk on Survey Island can be shown to be a seriously aggressive and overzealous creature at times. The kinetoscope to Survey Island's Firemarble Dome fell out of alignment by having its ramp's support be smashed into by the creature; A red light in the pet's aquarium attracts the animal towards the main window, but when The Stranger fiddled around with it (or not), the beast became quite angry, going so far as to ram its head into the huge pane of glass in that cave, in an attempt to attack the Stranger.


    Strangely, the Wahrk tusks littered around Survey Island were not all that remained. 10 reside in the floating pool of water for the golden elevator, two arch the doorway to his Wark aquarium, and even sets of 4 as light fixtures for the hanging lights in his laboratory on Book Assembly Island.


    Following the collapse of Riven, one of the wahrks must have been unfortunate enough to fall into the Star Fissure, leading to its skeleton being deposited near the Cleft in New Mexico, along with several other pieces of debris from the Age.


    There has been some debate in the past as to the correct spelling of wahrk. Many prefer to spell it "whark", as Gehn does in his journal, while others side with Catherine's spelling, "wahrk." RAWA has stated that Catherine's spelling is correct, and that Gehn's journal contains a typo, which, as RAWA says, reveals that Gehn is only human. Thus, for the sake of archival correctness, it is cataloged here under "wahrk."


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