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  • Forest Level of Edanna

    • Myst III: Exile Places https://archive.guildofarchivists.org/wiki/Edanna#The Forest https://www.guildofarchivists.org/forums/uploads/post-2-1158711236.jpg

    Appears In: M3E

    Location: Edanna


    This is the third "tier" of Edanna's ecosystem, moving from the top of the tree downward. It is located just above the base of the tree, which contains the Swamp. This section of the tree is full of life, and appears similar in many respects to more temperate forests on Earth in its plant density, although the scale of most of the plants on Edanna makes it appear more like a rain forest.


    Species of plants found within the Forest level include the Lambent Orchid, the Tongue Fern, the Jumping Dragon, the Swing Vine, the Quaffler Fig, and the Aurora Blossom. Saavedro's carnivorous Venus Flytrap plant can also be found here, and the Electra Ray can be brought down to this level as well.


    Atrus left an imager in the Forest level as part of his plans to teach Sirrus and Achenar The Art. Saavedro used it to record a message of his own for Atrus to hear, and created one of his three murals nearby.


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