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  • Society of Anthropologists, Psychologist, and Sociologists


    [h=1]Society of Anthropologists, Psychologist, and Sociologists[/h]

    Established: September 2007 CE


    [h=2]Mission statement:[/h]

    To expand our understanding of D'ni, its people, its culture and all people and groups effected by it through anthropological, psychological and sociological study.



    The Society of Anthropologists, Psychologist, and Sociologists, often abbreviated SAPS, is a group dedicated to analyzing and explaining what is known about D'ni, its people and its culture through the perspective of the social sciences. They will also examine connected cultures, both Written and surface. The group will imitate a genuine scientific society to the extent that it is practical and enjoyable. Besides discussion among members they will also produce articles and reports in a style similar to real world journal articles and reports. They welcome those of both amateur and professional skill.


    SAPS currently has their own forum on DPWR.


    In addition to a couple of articles written by Horatio, Kerryth lead a discussion in the Cavern regarding etiquette.


    SAPS was co-founded by Monkeyboy and Horatio. Other members include Szark and Kerryth.


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